Wurdi Boluc Reservoir enlargement project: seepage control works


Wurdi Boluc Reservoir enlargement project: seepage control works


Truscott E G (Gutteridge Haskins and Davey), Morris P A (Gutteridge Haskins and Davey), McIntyre C J (Geelong and District Water Board)

Keywords Dams|Storage Reservoirs|Seepage|Groundwater-Surface Water Relationship|Salinity control|Drainage Ditches|Methods|Wells

The capacity of the Wurdi Boluc Reservoir Vic has been increased by raising existing embankments and extending the reservoir area. This had the potential to increase piezometric levels in underlying, low permeability aquifers, leading to salinization outside the project area. Seepage analyses and costing indicated that the best method of ensuring no increase in salinized areas was the use of drainage trenches. To minimize cost of seepage control measures and to ensure technical adequacy of the system, an observational approach was adopted. Monitoring during the first filling and period of new full supply level indicated that piezometric levels in the basal silts and sands were generally adequately controlled. The exception was a low lying area south and southeast of the trench system. Relief wells have now been installed to reduce these levels.

Publish Date 1st January 1993
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