Wurdee Boluc Reservoir enlargement


Wurdee Boluc Reservoir enlargement


McIntyre, C.J. (Geelong and District Water Board); Stewart, D.J. (Gutteridge Haskins and Davey);

Keywords Reservoirs|Dams|Augmentation|Construction|Seepage|Water Resources Development

The option adopted to provide additional water resources within the Geelong Vic region was to increase the storage capacity of Wurdi Boluc Reservoir by raising the existing embankments and extending them to the north and south. This option provided the maximum increase in safe annual yield without the need for pumping into the reservoir, was not considered to have any significant adverse environmental affects and was economically feasible. Because the reservoir is located on a complex geological site and subsurface conditions include two separate aquifer systems, investigation and control of seepage from the reservoir as a result of the raising formed a significant part of the project.

Publish Date 1st January 1993
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