Yarrowee River Flood Mitigation Study (Final Report)


Yarrowee River Flood Mitigation Study (Final Report)


Willing and Partners Consulting Engineers

Keywords Floodplains|Floods|Ballarat|Yarrowee river|City of Ballarat|Mitigation|Annual Exceedance Probability|Flood study|Basin|Central business district|Major flooding|Leigh

The Yarrowee river flood study identified major flooding in the city of Ballarat during a 1:100 AEP (Annual Exceedance Probability) flood event in the Yarrowee River. This study contains the results of the investigation into the extent of flood damages and the feasibility of potential flood mitigation options. Six flood mitigation options were investigated, five being various combinations of retarding basins and the sixth being the concrete lining of the Yarrowee river channel beneath the CBD.

Publish Date 3rd May 1988
Resource Code NA0683

CCMA Library (Internal use- Lib/16-0069)

Source AANRO

Rural Water Commission Victoria, City of Ballarat