Woodlots for weed control and profit


Woodlots for weed control and profit


Anderson G (Victorian Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Geelong)

Keywords Eucalyptus|Forest trees|Species trials|Forest plantations|Farm forestry|Private forestry|Silviculture|Stand establishment|Sowing methods|Weed control|Fuelwood

More than 10% of the land to the west of Melbourne Vic is considered to be non-arable and unsuitable for cultivation. The most suitable use for this type of land may be tree farming, but techniques for easy and economical broadacre tree establishment must be developed. With this aim, a direct tree-seeding trial was conducted which showed that the scalping-sowing technique was the most successful soil preparation method, and weed control with glyphosate alone provided the greatest tree seedling germination. Manna gum Eucalyptus viminalis), sugar gum (E. cladocalyx) and spotted gum (E. maculata) were the best eucalypt performers for direct seeding of those sown.

Publish Date 1st January 1999
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