Flood information

Based on the best available regional flood data, generate a report using a property address.

Simply type an address in the ‘Address Search’ box above and hit enter


Alternatively, you can use the advanced selection modes below.

  1. Use Zoom / Pan (click mouse button and drag) - Works best when you are at a scale where property boundaries are visible.
    Use Address Search (above) to key in an address or location - then hit Enter
  2. Click on the 'Property Summary' button below
  3. Click on a property in the map to select it. This step may take a few seconds to complete.
  4. Property will be higlighted in red and report summary will be shown in this panel.
  5. A full report can be generated using the 'View full Property Flood Information Report' option
Property summary
  1. Zoom/pan to area of interest.
  2. Click the 'Choose Drawing Tool' menu below and select 'Polygon'
  3. Click on map to define an area - double-click to finish.
  4. Select 'Generate Report'
  5. Report results will be loaded and displayed in this panel
  1. Zoom/pan to area of interest.
  2. Click on the specific point that you would like to query.
  3. This panel will disappear and query results will be shown in a popup window.
  4. You can open this panel again at any time using the "Flood Information" menu item in the header area.

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