How to contribute to the NRM Planning Portal

The contribute option in the NRM Planning Portal allows you to draw points, circles, linesand polygonsto the map to show assets, priorities and projects in your organisations area.

You can add notes, descriptions, files and web links to the features you create. Once you add a feature to the site, you and others will be able to click on the feature and the information you have entered will pop-up. 


It is recommended you use the latest versions of Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. 

Logging in

You will need to login using your username and password. Contact CeRDI if you are a dedicated contributer for your organisation and require a login to be set up or if you have forgotten your password by using our online enquiries form or calling on +61 3 5327 9315.

  • Go to the NRM Planning Portal and click on LOGIN located in the top right hand corner.
  • A window will pop up (Figure 1), enter your username and password and click the Login button below.
  • contribute button will replace the login button, which means you are now logged in. 

Figure 1

Find your site

There are a number of layers that may help you find your area. Click here to learn more. 

You can either zoom to the area you would like to add a contribution to, or alternatively do an address search.


There are multiple ways to zoom in and out:

  • Zoom in and out scroll the mouse wheel up and down.
  • Zoom in only double left-click the mouse over the area you would like to zoom in.
  • Zoom to a selection hold down the shift-key and left-click and hold the mouse button then drag a rectangle over the map area.
  • Zoom slider press the zoom in out button in the top left hand corner of the map (Figure 2). Alternatively drag the zoom slider  up (+) to see more detail in a smaller region or down (-) to see less detail in a larger region.



Figure 2


Address search

  • Click on the tools button in the top right hand corner (Figure 3).

Figure 3

  • Map Tools will pop up (move pop-up by clicking top grey title bar and dragging to position).
  • Click your mouse in the white box under address search. Type in address then click go.
  • You will be taken to the area you have searched. 




Figure 4

Base layer options

There are three base layer options to help you find the area you would like to contribute:

  • Map – street names, towns, features etc.
  • Imagery – aerial photography
  • Hybrid – combination of aerial photography and named features

These are located near the top right hand corner of the map and will go bold and load that layer when clicked. 

Figure 5

Background layers

Some other layers may be useful to help locate your site. Background layers are located to the right of your map portal (Figure 6)

  • Open a folder by clicking on it.
  • When expanded you will see the layers available. 
  • Click on a box to add the layer to the map, click again to remove. 
  • Click on the text next to the box to make that layer the active layer as shown in Figure 6 with CCMA Landscape Zones (2014)
  • You can see at the bottom of this figure that this is the active layer and that querying is not available. 










Figure 6


  • Once you have logged in click on the contribute button in the top right hand corner of the portal. Note: If you do not see this you are not logged in.
  • contribute window will pop up (Figure 7). This window can be moved by clicking and dragging the grey bar at the top. Instructions are included in this window. 

Figure 7